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Herb Wahlsteen


   1. Walls:

gripping earth forcefully and devouring land.
Forever crawling, their belly to the ground,
snakes in the grass, forever reaching venomous,
stone teeth: poisoning sanity, digesting freedom,
then slithering farther on to clutch and strangle
a new enemy.

   2. Walls:

cold, iron fingers blinding all eyes. After all
eyes in this icy age are left sightless, the
fingers reach again, grabbing, then squeezing,
until frostbitten cracks form. The fingers split
open frozen skulls. Life oozes out. A thick
pall of scabs hardens on the ruptured heads.
The fingers scratch and pick until the scabs
create deep scars on the dead tissue.

   3. Walls:

people lying encased within separate boxes.
Like coffins each box decays in a cold, wet
grave. The graveyard is a sewer stream. The
boxes race like rabid rats crashing, smashing,
splashing poison, spreading plagues.

   4. Walls:

locking out fierce enemies: understanding,
co-operation, peace, and love.
Walls: spread everywhere like disease,
war, famine, and death.
Walls: forever built carefully like bombs.
Walls, walls, cracks in the mirror of all
human time,
reflect the paranoia in each
human mind.


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