Loren Ford

The Kerouac Project of Orlando wishes to welcome everyone to the reading of Big Sur. I am sure many of you are thinking why would Jack Kerouac be connected with a town of theme parks. Years before a man named Walt Disney came to Orlando, another visionary named Jack Kerouac came to briefly call Orlando his home.

In 1957, Jack actually lived in a quaint neighborhood named College Park with his mother. In this time frame he was able to write Dharma Bums, and was living here when On the Road was published. After some time away from the city, they moved back and were living in Orlando where he wrote Big Sur.

Working together with many volunteers and some corporate sponsors, the house was able to be purchased. The project’s main mission is to always have a writer in residence. The writers stay for an average of three months in the house, rent free, and are given total freedom to write in the same house that Jack Kerouac himself wrote Dharma Bums. The three writers that have lived there to date, have all had rave reviews of the project and the freedom they had to write.

Again, we wish to welcome all to this wonderful event. The reading will start at 12 noon at The Globe at 27 Wall Street, downtown Orlando and can be reached at 407-422-1669. It is a coffeeshop with indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a full bar and food service.

Please check out the website for our organization in Orlando at www.kerouacproject.org. And for more information about the local reading or to be put on our mailing list contact us at kerouac_reading@hotmail.com.

We hope to see you at The Globe.

-Keroauc Project of Orlando