POETRY - FALL 2003 - 2005

FUTURE FORWARD: Burliuk In New York

MOVING MALEVICH: World Tour For Malevich

RETURN OF THE SIXTIES: The Fugs Come Back For Another Round

CORNELIUS & NAOMI: Whitman's Quaker Grandparents

Robin Orlandi
Know it All

Rebecca Lu Kiernan
The Curve of the Earth
It's Saturday Morning, Can You Fuck Me Instead of the TV
God of Thieves

Charlie Newman
dreamsville cafe
hidden dream cemetery
aphrodesia alley
flamingo palace
soft cell asylum
amnesia motel
smoke screen theater
cabaret l'amour
suicide cathedral
tattoo birdhouse

Susan Marie La Vallee
The Absence of Angels
Making Sense
A Multitude Of Years

Glaze Amaze
Horizontal Icicles
Icicle Oracle

Phibby Venable
On White Top
A Heavenly Game
The Man With Too Many Women
Gathering Of Horses
The Belmont
Ted Williams In His Gardenf
Along The Nile

George Sparling
Allen Ginsberg
23 Bukowskis

Aleksey Dayen
Family Poetry
Marriage License 2004
Dead Lobster

John Dorsey
just once i wish
the first time i watched 'fear and loathing'
circa 1970's
love letter written in 1876
i have a habit