POEM from DubbleX

I am Chief Running Words
I play music I heard from the birds
I listen to tree whispers and keep my gaze skyward
I delight in moon starry nights and celebrate
The morning sunrise blowing its smoke from my pipe
I walk barefoot across my tribal plain

I color my body with war paint
So when you strike me I feel no pain
I hold my hands out to catch cold raindrops
I see the beauty of life in glacier park rocks
I am Chief Running Words; I get messages from hawk birds
I am Chief Running Words - I can heal you
If you take the time to be touched by my words

They killed my family
I return to my tee pee to see the atrocity of dead bodies
I walk around the grounds and hear no more human sounds
I beat my chest in duress
I cry no tears but grab my weapon and my arrow spears
Chief Running Words has no fear
When I am done I will return to the one and one

I am just as much Native American as I am African
Can’t take a man and half him
Can’t tell a man what he is and deny what is part of him
Nature and energy that create in him a Shaman
Under your laws you should adds this one to your list of sins
They want to kill me and kill me again
because I am half African and Indian


DubbleX has been writing his entire life and playing music. His artistry helps keep him sane. DubbleX teaches special education students in public high schools.