Hal Sirowitz

Times Square was where the lonely
used to go, but ever since Mickey Mouse
has moved there, everyone goes.
What happened to the lonely?
Where do they go? I donít know,
because Iíve stopped being lonely.
It happens. Iíve gotten married.
When I went back there, it was
basically cleaned up, except
for Show World and some sex shops
on Eight Avenue. Loneliness never had
a chance against Mickey Mouse and
the Lion King. Loneliness
is meant to be hidden. Whereas,
Mickey Mouse has become an institution.
Thereís even a Disneyworld outside Paris.
Do they have sex theaters in Paris?
They probably do, but theyíre called art houses
Art is a refuge for the lonely.


Hal Sirowitz
Hal Sirowitz is the former Poet Laureate of Queens, New York. He served for three years, commencing in 2000. He's the author of four books of poetry. PSA selected one of his poems to be used in an anthology called 'Poem in My Pocket' by Abrams Press.