Hal Sirowitz

I blew my horn at another driver,
father said, and your mother
got all upset. ‘You don’t
know that man from Adam,’
she said. ‘Supposed he’s a professional killer.
What will you do then?’ ‘I’ll
tell him my horn accidentally
went off,’ he said. ‘You’d
put my life in danger,’ she said.
‘Only if I thought it’d help
you survive,’ he said. ‘You ever think
of taking the easy way out,’
she said, ‘getting rid of that damn horn.’


Hal Sirowitz
Hal Sirowitz is the former Poet Laureate of Queens, New York. He served for three years, commencing in 2000. He's the author of four books of poetry. PSA selected one of his poems to be used in an anthology called 'Poem in My Pocket' by Abrams Press.