Jane Ormerod

Four memories, four thoughts, four murders, eight songs
Five babies, eight children, eight girls, twelve boys
Eight brothers, eleven mothers, four fathers, nine women
Four grandmothers, four friends, four neighbours, forty-two men
Four fellows, four gods, six bodies, eight bones
Five backs, five brains, six ears, four hips
Six feet, eight legs, four sides, six mouths
Nine lips, nineteen eyes, eight necks, six fingers
Six faces, six skins, four teeth, seven heels
Eleven heads, eleven hands, four tongues, five voices
Four moustaches, four kisses, five smiles, four noises
Four buses, four taxis, five trains, five cities
Four streets, six roads, four drives, eight beds
Four sleeps, four sheets, five homes, four walls
Eight windows, eight curtains, eight floors, four ceilings
Four steps, eleven stairs, four suitcases, six moons
Five parks, six flowers, seven trees, eight skies
Seven water, five winds, five grass, five lakes
Four animals, thirteen birds, four bees, seven cats
Nine dogs, five fish, four monkeys, nine tigers
Twenty-two rabbits, four feathers, five tails, six laughters
Four picnics, six radios, four rows, four wires
Five brandies, four glasses, four flames, four toothpicks
Four soup, four bread, five eggs, four cakes
Six dresses, six shirts, four suits, seven hats
Six shoes, four leather, four wool, four rings
Six names, thirteen loves, five bunting, fifteen lights
Eleven words, four cards, eight cardboard, seven cut-outs
Seven days, twelve years, nine lives, seventeen nights
Five holes, five weeks, ten ways, six tomorrows
Ten times, six poultices and twenty-three worlds  

Nouns appearing four or more times in poems I have written over the last eighteen months



Jane Ormerod is the author of the full-length poetry collection, Recreational Vehicles on Fire (Three Rooms Press, 2009), the chapbook 11 Films (Modern Metrics/Exot Books, 2008), and the spoken word CD Nashville Invades Manhattan. Her work also appears in anthologies and journals including Maintenant, failbetter, 21 Stars Review, Arsenic Lobster, Big City Lit, and Night Train. Born on the south coast of England, Jane now lives in New York City and performs extensively across the United States and beyond.