Robert Gibbons

people are coming out of port authority
like water see them in a place that
will spit them out like a cough people
are walking into nowhere into a place
as tall as steal as the New York Times
building people will crowd this corner
stores of big watches and comedy clubs
they come because they are attracted to
the lights they are attracted to Frank O’Hara
idea of a walk they are attracted to BBQ’s
and ten dollar shoes just to say they bought
it they are attracted to the idea of a marquis
the little lights bulbs encircling the sign
they find themselves stranded on the corner
with a suitcase and cell phone they find
themselves with a pretzel and a hotdog
with a newspaper and disappointment
they find themselves stranded like
a shish kabob and a bun in the middle
of this endless parade without float
or hope an illusion as back door theater
where they will never be invited they catch
a train bound for Brooklyn because in these
few streets that once held their dreams
not long ago they can’t afford the subway
peanuts a few streets of African men
carrying signs of tour buses but even
they can’t understand they only under
stand one thing and it is as urgent as their
red vest they will never be accepted
they will never be asked to diversify
they maybe a target because of their
table full of off brand bags they too are
rebels against the system a system that will
never respect them for now they are traffic
tickets and summons and violations to
these few streets that held their dreams
they are another collection for the IRS
and they will run you over if you get in
their way these few streets will take your
picture and plaster it all over the blotter
so you might as well hold yourself down
in hells’ kitchen walk away from fifteen
minutes it is a waste of time you can’t afford me
anyway. I am expensive if I were you
I would find a diner with a special
a spaghetti or eggplant cause those
fifteen dollars dirty martinis at Manhattan
plaza and no your money will not save you


Robert Gibbons is a writer living in New York City . He was just recently published in the Up hook Anthology as well as many on line journals and zines. He has published in the Palm Beach Post and the Riverdale Press.