Liza Wolsky

The needle was going in. The needle was coming out.
The needle was going in and coming out.
The needle was going in because you could not see it and
it was coming out because you
could see it’s point begin to shine again
after disappearing going in.
The needle was only appearing coming out.
Inside there was nothing to see.
Inside there was cloth.
When there was cloth there was nothing to see.
Some people saw flowers
but really,
there was nothing to see.
You also couldn’t see the going in and coming out only the needle.
You could see the needle but not the going in or the coming out.
You could see the shiny of the needle
but you couldn’t see the going in and you couldn’t see the coming out.
The needle did not move by itself. The needle cannot move. The needle moved because of will,
which you cannot see. You cannot see will, but you could see the needle moving. You could not see the moving, just the needle.
The will belonged to her, who did not see anything. All she saw was black. She could not see the needle going in and of course she could not see the coming out.
She could not see her will, and yet
the needle was going in and coming out. This was to her black. Black was everything to her and so the black was the going in and the coming out and the needle even and her even.
And she was black to herself also along with the going in and along with the coming out
which you couldn’t see anyway, and which to her was black.
Just she had a lively tongue.
And what the tongue did was not black. She knew it was it was not black.
When she looked at it what she saw was black but she knew it was not black....
Knowing and doing and knowing is doing.
Knowing and doing and will.
Outside it may be raining.
Go, look.


Liza Wolsky writes poems and reads or publishes them here and there. Some the here and theres are: Cornelia St. Cafe, Theater for the New World,,, Westbeth, the Marz Bar, WKCR Radio, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Yippie Cafe, Spiny Babbler Arts in Kathmandu. Most recently published in Maintenant (Three Rooms Press) and Uphook’s -gape-seed. She is a Professor at FIT-SUNY..