Bonny Finberg

We couldn’t sleep due to the mosquitoes. It was 3:30 or 4 am when we’d had enough.
We started up the tiny Fiat and drove toward the desert with just a quarter tank.
The night was black, no street lamps.
We found a gas station, the proprietor prone on his prayer rug.
The need to move urged us east.
Without the guidance of roads, we followed telephone lines,
a long, slow drive through darkness.
A hand-written sign leaned over at a steep angle: Cafe des Dunes. I thought of Bugs Bunny.
A little further along the hard, bleached earth, we came to the dunes.
Now, without shoes or direction, we waited for sunrise.
In the distance, a faint blue sky lit a camel train.
A sudden sun burst dunes and camels into long shadows across the sand.
Here the eye is stretched beyond its limit, something only seen with the heart,
mind at the center of the universe, a seed, tiny and greater than itself.


BONNY FINBERG’s fiction, poetry and photographs have been published and translated and included in various gallery exhibitions. Publications include "Kali's Day" (Autonomedia/Unbearable Books, 2014, NY), Déja Vu poetry and digital collages (Corrupt Press, Paris, 2011); and Sitting Book (Xanadu Press, NY, 2017). She is the recipient of a 2014 Kathy Acker Award for fiction.