David Lawton

When things fall apart
Throw the pieces in the air!
Let it shower ticker tape
On your back at square one rain dance

Kick expectation in the pants
Tell bitterness to take a hike
Make failure bother someone else
Hang up your tantrum's crying towel

You just go on
Roll out your bones
Take a heel ball toe
Then let the habit form

Take a look around
There's many stuck off course
You've other roads to choose
Waiting to meet your shoes

Shake the dust off your rusty ass
Smell both the roses and the skunk
Give the benefit of the doubt
Laugh off shame and declaim your love.


DAVID LAWTON is the author of the poetry collection Sharp Blue Stream (Three Rooms Press), and serves as an editor for greatweatherforMEDIA. He also collaborates with poet Aimee Herman in the poemusic collective Hydrogen Junkbox.