what has been brought to light is 
what's in the sinewy scars under the bark. 
the still healing phloem leads downward, 
from the leaves like pages of books
untaught now that times have changed.

and all of the women who have in them 
a twin who is Amazonian, who comes in 
spurts which disrupts like wind does 
leaves the pages of books
used as background props for some 
small sum paid the publisher. 

unread the willows leaves do tell 
a twisted tale which twists the lake
and every word of it is
the sun, playing its tricks.
and every word is the
sum of our whole 
worlds ache.  



BREE is a poet, singer and visual artist living in Pleasureville, KY. She is the founder of Green Panda Press (Cleveland) which put out hand-made poetry and art books of the very small press from 2001-2017.