Constantin Pricop

I go through memory as if through the big frozen north
From one icepack to another
Small icepack

From one episode to another

Between fragments filled to overflowing with cold
(made solid in their isolation, in their own dead souls)
A restless sea

I don’t know why it jumps like this
From one ragged memory to another
Instead of a slow fall
In darkened depths

True life, you say?
Disorder, warm animality of bodies…
No signs of punctuation

Perpetually drifting.

CONSTANTIN PRICOP is a Professor Emeritus (University 'Al. I, Cuza' Iasi - Romania). Besides his study volumes and literary essays, he has published a novel and three poetry collections (one in French). Memory is a poem from his last poetry collection, Verglas, published in 2019. His belief is that literature will one day surpass the limits of national languages and will be, without exception, universal.