Joe Roarty

thr was a man
who took a walk
2 gt 2 wrk
he was gon several months
wn he retrnd
he was nuts

if somone wr 2 say 2 hm
u bettr gt a move on
he'd ansr
watts th rush
that was
untl he saw somthn
he nu watt th rush was thn

peopl use
trns of frase
that condns meaning
devl take th hindmost
that’s one
its about th risk u take
just walking along
& all th othr peopl
rushn by
that’s wn u hear that colloquialism
devl take th hindmost
u think
y's th devl gonna b nterestd n a man
walkn down th road
goin 2 his job
not really carin
wn he gts thr
or evn
if he gts thr at all
it ain’t no sin
not carin
about somthn like that
that’s wn
u see somthn
somthn that’s bn beside u th hole time
w yrcarelss & wandring pace
th problm is
by thn
yr nut
joe roarty – a son of the Midwest – is transitioning to the east coast. He has 2 chapbooks.