jim d. deuchars
feeling sinking

a pulse of quicksand thinking sinks in
finishing your oatmeal disposition fine
pools it beige as dispossession
clumped and floating
just below the surface
sugarcoated crosswise
into bliss of coldfog milkstain

browbeat panfantastic mythos explanations
into new physique upon your dented physics

purse your lips your overflowing satchel
spills a pout upon the pasty

tasty never seemed so ragged, rudimentary

and/but/or/nor glue’s an analgesic
when the seasick sucks out sensibilities
like drunken bees on buzzardwatch.

JIM D. DEUCHARS is an american poet from waukesha, wisconsin. his first full length edition, mockingbirds contemplating semicolons, was published by kung fu treachery press in spring, 2020.