John G. Hall

the million upon
million moments
of your existence

will not be known
will not be filmed
will not be lorded

will not be
will not be

but that does
not mean that

they did not mean
something holy and

were not divinely put
into words unspoken

yet heard by the hearts
that you found moments

your fall in the forest of you
may not be heard by others

but still you fall like a shooting
star missed or a silent songbird

the body of your work
does not need memorial
only moments of love

if you enjoyed the game
then no matter what the result
you have already won.

 JOHN G. HALL was founding editor of radical arts magazine Citizen32 & was a political activist in the 1980's. Published in 'Emergency Verse' and 'The Robin Hood Book' edited by Alan Morrison. Also in volumes 1, 2 and 3 of 'Best of Manchester Poets' published by Puppywolf. His collection 'Poems for Explosion' is published by Crisis Chronicles Press Cleveland Ohio. His latest book 'Making the Dark Visible' is published by Some Roast Poets publications, Manchester UK. He currently runs the Manchester Beat poetry night 'Beatification'.