Dan Giancola


Let's tune to static. Let's empty the bowl of its ashes. Let's smear paint on the masters. Let's open our veins to the wind. Let's whisper the lies that define us. Let's stop asking that love save us. Let's take what we need from the wealthy. Let's get lost in the stars. Let's eat chaff. Let's dupe the judges. Let's exile innuendo. Let's highlight the text of forgiveness. Let's dance on the flag as it burns. Let's garble the oaths of service. Let's vomit humility. Let's close our minds to the mind. Let's flog spirit, baby the body. Let's question God's conscience. Let's praise opacity. Let's happen the stance, let's none the less, let's by the by. Let's disguise joy and call it money. Let's stone the technocrats. Let's endanger the grid. Let's harness earth's turning. Let's swallow the calendars & shit eternity. Let's compost the universities. Let's pit the sin of omission versus the sin of inaction. Let's grow some balls. Let's forgo what's possible. Let's bumble the bee, dragon the fly, let's humpback the whale. Let's hang Everyman. Let's hobble decorum. Let's ignore the expected. Let's tackle the wraiths of desire. Let's die into life. Let's not worry how. Let's when? now.


Dan Giancola's latest collection of poems is Part Mirth, Part Murder (Street Press, 2007). He teaches at Suffolk County Community College.



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