Fall 2011

FALL 2011
Ellen Bass


Peter Neil Carroll


Alexandra van de Kamp         

Dear Harpo

Dorothy Alexander Life Story In 25 Lines
Laura Hirschfield


Robert Lima

N i t o b e  M e m o r i a l  G a r d e n

Alan Catlin

Nude Descending an Oil Rig:
Duchampís Deep Water Horizon

Susan H Maurer The Childrenís Moon
Andre Martin Lochner

Instructing young men on method

Susan Terris Diptych: Scarring
Jackie Moss     X Fisherman In Front Of Dunkin Donuts
Susan Terris Nocturnal Arc
Sean Lause

My Mother And Mr Auden

Jane Rosenberg LaForge Slumber
Jean Esteve


Grace Cavalieri            Locator
Elena Byrne Virginia Woolf’s Arrival Of The Bright Moths
Jared Smith Equinox
Edward Field The Gulf—Two Gulf—No, Three—No Four
Deb Hauser


Steve de France

fr Bird From Hell

Alex Gildzen

Orson Welles Eats 18 Hotdogs At Pink’s

Daniel J Langton


Kimberly Buchheit  THAT PERFECT DAY

Parallel Lives: A Dialog
Inducting Sylvia: Cathedral Names Plath To Poets Corner
Downtown Sam: Mark Twain In New York City
Jack London Slept Here

Karen Karbiener – Journey To The Whitmanic Omphalos
David St.-Lascaux -- The Cleverist Movement: Poetry’s Current Default


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