Fall/Winter 2014

Edgar Carlson


in a Barnum transparency painted 7 feet tall by 3
and a 1/2 wide Stephen Talkhouse Pharaoh
is labeled:  Last King of the Montauks
and because he is neither last nor king
this hype clouds the claim he walked from East-
hampton's Freetown to Brooklyn and back in a day!
yet if anyone could do it he could do it!   

his legs are fishhawks on beat in Gardiner's Bay
his legs are mayflies on Fresh Pond Creek
where ephemerids get more done in a few hours
then the rest of us take a steam age to do
his legs are a bow he removes from a blanket
his legs are a bulls-eye where otherwise there are none

Edgar Carlson lives in Farmingdale, Long Island. He owns a landscape business and drives a Yellow Taxi on weekends. He graduated from Wagner College and studied poetry at Brooklyn College and Adelphi U. "My writing is like flaking arrowheads from flint--my only agenda is the product; its balance, its penetration...."



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