Fall/Winter 2014

Robert Gibbons


maybe it is my attention to the female aesthetic
but even the chairs and end tables have long
legs, the knobs are decorated with rhinestones
and I become a stud sifting through the perspective,
the angularity of Claude’s room, had only been
to Giovanni’s room, only a secret hideout in Adam’s
Morgan where a German man invites me over
for drinks, it was the transformation of a classroom
to loft with the polished and checkerboard, the nerve
and the unheard would never entertain in black
and white, so I sat there and became nervous
the urge to explore my feminine side, the color
of Monet’s yellow, I am not missing an ear
so I can hear, the chatter of the self-involved
square mirrors and circular sounds, searching for
the historic, maybe a Moravian plantation
in Bethlehem with trundle bed or Roman wicks
maybe the smell of crabapples and musk but
had only seen Whitman’s American, not the decadence
of Moliere or Baudeliere, I was too narrow-minded
to be here.

Robert Gibbons is New York based poet by way of Belle Glade, Florida. His first collection, Close to the Tree, published by Three Rooms Press in 2012. Other credits include: Harlem World Magazine, Fruit Pulpa, Deep Water Literary, Turtle Island Quarterly, and Suisun Valley Review. Information about his book can be found at www.threeroomspress.com.



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