Joan Payne Kincaid


He performs graceful turns then charges.
All is scripted and rehearsed.
         A hoofed species with horns.
Way finding is probably most useful on open water.
Cocktail bars are opening where fried chicken used to be sold.
         It’s so very closely controlled survival strategy
Working and being transported.
Like being a victim many of them thought.
         Behind bullet proof glass God is the market.,
Fascinating to see people respond to a diet based on biology.
Residents in Brooklyn are scattering muscled-out by surging rents.
         Hungry people will move across borders
Of a finite planet. He waves a red flag.
Missionaries of the planet are all around the world
         Telling us who we are.
They expect a lack of thought.
They will always find you something chic or at least some place to go.
            Poison put down in the park to kill weeds birds and pets.
Some have solved the problem doing yoga exercises.
Save $170 on Perfect Holiday Wines.
            They tried to find time to talk but there was none.
She tried everything that came along as an adventure.
She thought how daylight saving time throws her out of sync.
            People on Planet Earth destroy it.
Those who used to live here moved out of state to places like Virginia.
Of her new apartment it’s just wonderful and it faces east so I get
            The morning sun.
At the keyboard she listens to a train down the hill
Bring commuters home.
            She thinks she needs one of those stress-free chairs in the Times.


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