Karyna McGlynn 

-from the Sally Mann photo, 1987

And suddenly I am entered
by the warm jet of this boy
I have raised, and I eddy
about his hips, swirl hello
against his braced thigh -
you are here again, and
I marvel at how his desire
to stay on his feet like a man
has mastered even
the middle of me, hands
well-versed in placation
of movement - this small god
son, suddenly halting
the storm of time’s thrust
where I pull back to see
the body fully realized.


Karyna McGlynn 

-from the Sally Mann photo, 1988

In the moon time you have me
rise to capture this image, important
to both of us in different ways, the way
the night curves everything for the hanging.

My mouth, you say, is a long thin porch
that reminds you of something, but
only in the darkness that emaciates
us both in its woolen moth rasp -

This is the shifting from hand to hand -
me, unfurling fingers of new pink flesh
that shoot from your single dropped
grain, you, watching life curl back

in on itself each morning,
as I appear in the dining room doorway
in your big shirt, as silently,
in your heat, you appraise the trade.

Karyna McGlynn lives in Seattle. Her work has appeared in Agnieszka’s Dowry, Wild Violet Magazine, Branches Quarterly, Morpo Review and Unmade Magazine. Ms. McGlynn is a four-time member of the National Poetry Slam Team and the editor of Screaming Emerson Press. She attends the creative writing program at Seattle University and teaches performance poetry at the University of Washington Experimental College. Her newest collection is entitled The July Poems.


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