Beverly E Kotch

A Piece of Quiet

Mark Karwoski Improvisation
Ellen Rittberg Brussels, Belgium
Peter Dugan

Power Play

Marilyn Goldsmith


Herb Wahlsteen Footprints in the Snow
Joan Magiet Looking To Lucia
Bart Allen Why I Play
Denise Kolonovic Pag
Eleanor Kandel Reading Material
Joan Higuchi Black Boat Paul
JR Turek Home Depot Parking Lot
 Adam Fisher The Past Blusters In
Paula Camacho On Second Glance
Maria Manobianco If Given a Choice
Tom Stock Raindrops
B W Mayer Conversation On Route 23 North November 1987
Alice Pero Dry Spring
Michael Hood High-Stepping
Heather Aimee O’Neill From the Platform
Harvey Feinstein Three Bagatelles
Dee Shapiro Kings Point Light
Annabelle Caufman Soudavar Humbled Youth
Dan Richman Blue Jay
Carol Foster Segal A Big Fish Story
Jéanpaul Ferro The Worst Of Both Worlds
David Axelrod The Art of War


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