Barbara Southard

Love Song

Claire Nicolas White Long Island Diary
Nancy Keating Weeding
Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

Now Voyeur

David Axelrod     


Veronica Ruth Girl of Love
Katie Dickson    She Goes To The City
Marquis McCheever Mid Summer Sunrise at Taco Bell
Jackie Moss   The Wedding Guest
George Guida American Race Song
Kathaleen Donnelly Evasive
George Northrup 

What To Do While Waiting

Peter V Dugan    


Adam Fisher

The First Night And Day

Richard Bronson    House of the Sun
Robert Savino No Stranger
Dan Richman  


Dawn Zahra

Frida Kahlo

Al Ortolani Blue Hank
Alan Semerdjian  You Never Listen To My Songs Anymore
Graham Everett   Like The Spider In The Sky
Judy Turek   


Maria Manobianco  The River
Phil Reinstein  Jonny
Paula Camacho

Romeo Y Julieta, Habana Cuba

Harvey Feinstein  View From My Bedroom Window
Meredith Nussbaum


Adam Fisher 

My Life With Guns

Dd. Spungin


Russ Green      Cold Blue Something
Andrew Boerum

A Tree

Richard Luftig  

Reading the Morning Paper

Wayne Mennecke   

Salt Water Twitch

Tonia Leon 

The Wait

Ellen Pickus 


Adam Fisher 

The World’s Tallis

Barbara Novack 

New World

James Wagner 

My Long Lost Novel

Ed Luhrs

The Perseids


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