WINTER 2017-18
Floyd Salas

In The Morning Of The Drugged Sleep

Billy Cancel in this cosmos of monster heads
David Lawton Parade
Bonny Finberg Something Wide
Annie Sauter Bloody As Love
Andy Clausen Lil Bit Of Legerdemain
Pamela Twining Restless Boots
Dan Wilcox Three Stories from the Trump Era
  September Song
Janet Hamill Barriers Lifted
Claire Ortalda A Phrase On A Grave
Chatham Gray the way the night came
William Taylor Jr. In The Eye Of The Fire Of Everything
  God’s Forgiving Sin
Catfish McDaris Cherokee Rose
Fred Alsberg Cheers
Nicole M Santalucia Prison Skin
Danny Shot Hero Worship
Angelo Verga Side Roads Took Me
Craig Kite The Brain Needs To Get Out Of Its Head
Ron Kolm Jet
  The Vision
  Bathroom Retreat
Monique Antonette Lewis Shall We Dance?
Lenny Dellarocca Henrietta
Jeff Wright Last of the Mojitos
Philip Kobylarz Slow Light Years
Michael Czarnecki  (four daily spontaneous poems)
M. Scott Douglass Kentucky Rising
Karl Roulston Foray
Paul Koniecki Tarmac Sacrifice
John Dorsey The Stigmata of Crazy Mike
  The Ghosts of Kell Robertson’s Chickens
  Everette Maddox Visits Belle
Bill Gainer The Gates Of A Lifetime
Ellyn Maybe Manhattan