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WINTER 2019-2020

Barbara Southard Moving Rocks From One Place To Another
Ellen Rittberg Childhood’s Cusp
Dana Buquicchio Home
Carolyn Raphael My Last School Reunion
Paul Genega East End Elegy
Herb Wahlsteen Futilely Pursuing Perfection
James Bernstein The Death Notice, Early Morning, Sea Cliff
Margarette Wahl Back in 90210
Kelly J. Powell Babe
Rosalind Brenner What I Love
Edgar Carlson Montauk Solar Pop Portrait #44
Sasha Ettinger A Poem To Myself
Doe-Ann Powell Pacific Blue
Vicki Iorio A Lifetime Away
Barbara Novack Relative Reality
Pramila Venkateswaran Looking for a Rung
Wayne Mennecke One Step, One Breath, One Meter
Jacqueline Moss The Man Who Swallowed The Moon
Raymond Philip Asaph The Walkers of Walt Whitman High
Mankh Stream Of Flux
Hope Terris Eucharist
Bob Hayes Now
Niknesha Hairston You
Cristian Martinez Carefree On The Island
Glenn Garamela Waiting
Doreen d. Spungin Dancing To Silence
Robert Savino Legacy
Michael Krasowitz The Bomb
Marsha Nelson Jaeden
Sharon Anderson At  A Loss For Words
John A Brennan At The Crossroads
Richard Bronson A Death In Cambridge
Al Ortolani No Phil Rizzuto
Alice Byrne Roaming Souls
Geneva Hagar I Am Here
Si Perchik




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