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WINTER 2018-2019

Richard Bronson The Game
Barbara Novack Nothing is solid
Joan Payne Kincaid Great Lake Building
Cliff Bleidner  A few ounces of Pound
Don Allen We the unreasonable
Lloyd Abrams Another shedding of tears
Liz Axelrod-Olson The emperor is naked and his face is falling off
Antonio Bellia Think Big
Barbara Ann Branca I remember her hair: A cautionary tale
Ed Stever Hatchling
Kate Kelly so perfect a song
Ellen Pober Rittberg Poem for my mother two years later
Adam D Fisher The Death of Grace and Beauty
Adam D Fisher What to see in winter
Joan Payne Kincaid All this was glacial lakes
Pramila Venkatesewaran Second Chances
Herb Wahlsteen Dreadful
Vicki Iorio How to get Nick Flynn to love you
Barbara Southard You
Robert Savino playground of the mind
Ruth Sabath Rosenthal At war with yellow
Mary Jane Tenerelli Travis County
Wayne Mennecke Radical Candor: A Teaching Ghazal
Maria Kranidis New Orleans – The Drowned City
Dd Spungin Innocence doesn’t grow back
Tammy Green The Handsome Murderer
Brendan McCurdy There are no bookstores in the Walt Whitman Mall
Marsha M. Nelson Gift Bearers
Lois Walker A World



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