J.R. Turek

Methods of Murder

Ginger Williams Naming the Flowers
Nancy Keating The Grammar Of Flour
Richard Bronson

At Evesham Abbey

Adam Fisher 


Lisa Cowley The Unattainable Now
Dan Richman Chief
John Tustin I Exist
Tom Stock Niagara Falls On His Chin
Graham Everett Health Care Proxy Blues
Linda Benninghoff The Weave of the World
Wayne Mennecke

Jam Carrots

David J. Taylor  

The Tree Sings The Bird

David Mayerhoff


Jon Sanborne Construction
George Guida The Sleeping Gulf
Al Ortolani 

Mr. Charles Shovels Snow at his Mother’s
Empty House

Joe Stanton

Edward Hopper’s Night Windows

Lynn Carroll Cohen Vortex
Eddie Donoghue (Untitled)
Carissa Kopf The Great Wanter
Sharon Anderson   


Matt Pasca Spittle
Nicknesha Q. Hairston Lost in a Dream
Charlene Knadle

Keeping Up

Terri Muuss Cubicle
Lucas Hunt

At The Flower Shop

Lenny Dellarocca

Butter Knife In Red Shift

Simon Perchik


Peter Dugan Damned To Obscurity
David B Axelrod

On Being Safe

Richard Luftig  

Last House Along A Weed-covered Road

John A Brennan  

The Singing Bones

Jacqueline Moss 

The Poet

Vicki Iorio

Crossing Over

John Silver

No Deals

Claire Nicolas White


Alan Semerdjian


Barbara Novack

Diving Into The Pool

George Northrup

Environmental Protection

Andy Boerum


Mark Donnelly

Red Truck

Robert Savino

Back Slides

Al Ortolani

Unbroken Designs

Denise Kolanovic

For Carl Sandburg

Ed Luhrs

Port Of Call Merchant After A Storm

Dd. Spungin

Turn Off The World

Dan Giancola

Listen Now

Olga Abella

Not Even Hands

John A. Williams


Evelyn Kandel

Cautionary Tale

Maxwell Corydon Wheat Jr

Bushmaster XM15 E2S Semi-automatic Rifle Weapon of Choice for Killing 20 Children

Tony Policano

A Flood in the Apartment Above

Emily Klein The Place I Cal Home
Debra Scala-Giokas The People Inside the Home


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