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Gladys Henderson

Visiting My Brother

Steven Schmidt Cherish Central Hunt Bubble Bread
Sue Allen Medically Induced Hallelujah
Terri Muuss

Your Absence

Matt Pasca

Symbiosis (At Whitman’s Birthplace)

Carolyn Raphael Turquoise Anita on the Dancefloor
Joseph Stanton The Usual Suspects
Doe-Ann L. Powell We Document
Wayne Mennecke Pipedreams
Raymond Philip Asaph Admitting Impediments
Roberta Gould Mary King Lived Here, Sag Harbor
Robert Youngs Pelgrift, Jr.

The Sea Path

Mike Jurkovic


Lenny Dellarocca

After the Blast

Alice Byrne Sisters
Antonio Bellia Where Did That Human Go?
Barbara Novack

Not All Wounds Show

Evelyn Kandel

There Is Something

Alice Byrne Ghosts
Herb Wahlsteen Mending Wall Suite
Denise Kolanovic New World Sestina
Michelle Whittaker Fractured
Angelo Verga Types of Headaches
Barbara Ann Branca Stranded by the Alphabet
MC Healey

The Natural

Sharon Anderson An Opportune Season
Peter V Dugan

Poetry 101

Judy Turek

At the Dinner Table

Barbara Southard

Storm on the Great South Bay

Jacqueline Tedrow Moss Offering
Geraldine Green

I could wrap

Dd. Spungin

I Barely Recall Roses

Sasha Ettinger

mother please come flying

Adam Fisher

Playing Hooky

Joan Mazza

Getting Lost, 1959

Kelly Powell

Pole Dancing In Dante’s Inferno

Claire Nicolas White


Nancy Keating

J. Peterman Is Selling Grandpa’s Police Whistle For $40

CE Hegarty

Central Park

Andrew Boerum

Button Delight

Robert Savino

Altar Boy

Narge Rothermel

Season of Changes

Ed Stever


Alice Kavounas

Entirely Of Your Own Making

Vicki Iorio

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