Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014
Susan Terris

Reality Check #1

Jackie Moss

We Drink The Light Clean

James Papa  

The Empty Mosque

Stuart A. Paterson Making Up
Karen Grace

The Bridge Burner

Nicole Santalucia

The Prisoner and the Flood

Andy Clausen

Way Back Then

Neeli Cherkovski The Poet Walks A Thin Line
Bertha Rogers

Spring and All That

Steve Hirsch

Ramapo 500 -- Poconos

Kevin Rabas Bull Bill
Kevin Rabas

Drylands, Grasslands

Kevin Rabas

Blasted Remnants of William S. Burroughs at the Lawrence Arts Center

Nathan Brown

Going Ahead

Edgar Carlson

Montauk Solar Pop Portrait #28

Janet Hamill   Knock of Africa.4
Hala Alyan    Happy
Pamela Twining      The Muses Moved To New Jersey
John Amen Purgatory
Robert Peake Historic Spring
Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky Focus
Kitty Jospe

Straight Up

Tom Stock

Her Words

Carol Alexander

Dean Street

Deb Hauser

The Lady In Kicking Horse Reservoir, Kicking

Jared Smith

Deep in the Convenience Store

Scott Devon


Floyd Salas

Only Spirit Sings

Naomi Shihab Nye

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Milenko Budimir

Four Balkan Sketches

Doren Robbins

Younger Sister

Claire Ortalda

In This Syntax Of Water

Claudia Serea

Light the Match, Love

Grace Cavalieri

Esther Phillips

Robert Gibbons

A Female Nude in The Brooklyn Museum

Philip Kobylarz


Edited by Lenny DellaRocca

Michael Hettich

Before The Day Growns Warm 

Michael Hettich

The Driftwood House
Michael Hettich Nightlight

Virgil Suarez


Virgil Suarez

Let Us Refresh (Alvarez Guedes Ascension Into Comedy Heaven)
Allan Peterson Practical Purposes
Allan Peterson A Message
Magi Schwartz Morning Prayers
Barbra Nightingale Some Girl Named Natasha
Barbra Nightingale Song of The Mattress
Meryl Stratford Knock, Nock
Howard Camner Walking With The Neighbor's Cat Around The Block
Michael Trammell Nerves of Darkness
Don Burns Empties Tossed in The Bow
Don Burns Enough
Zan Gay Scientific Jargon On A
Cold Spring Day
Zan Gay Diagnosis As A Vase With Green Apples
Judith Berke To A Wild Cell
Mia Leonin Portrait Of An Unwed Mother, 1976
Mia Leonin Self Portrait As A Grain of Sand


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