Bethany W Pope

The Ticket Taker Speaks Of Grief

Herbert Kuhner The Spruce Goose Lays An Egg
Eleanor Lerman Voices From Beyond
Chatham Lovette

Sunday Rituals

Jacqueline Moss 

New York Time

Sharon Anderson For All The Seasonsí Songs
Gayl Teller Poet On String Theory
Vicki Iorio Next Time Around
Joan Higuchi Blue Marble Earth
Tom Stock Footage
Susan Pilewski Dancing With The Lion Tamer
Richard Bronson

The Stars And Stripes Forever

Judith Kunst  

Getting There

George Guida


Sue Allen Pollock
Dan Giancola Stop Drop & Roll
Dan Richman

Northern Fall

Robert Savino

Age Of Curiosity

Barbara Novack Always Time For Ice Cream
Claire Nicolas White My Fatherís Cane
Karen Neuberg Catch Of The Day
Evelyn Kandel

By The Side Of The Road

Robert Hayes My Mindís Abyss
Herb Wahlsteen Villagers
Ellen Pickus

Returning To A Certain Stretch Of Beach

Mindy Kronenberg Dark Girl
Dd. Spungin

You Canít Always Trust Your Fingers

Joan Payne Kincaid

The Bull

Narges Rothermel

Star Gazing

Al Ortolani No End Sunday
Marsha Nelson

In The Fourth Watch Of The Night

Alice Byrne

Rehabilitation Center

gloria g murray

at the kosher deli

Ed Stever

The Dying Race

Wayne Mennecke


Karen Schulte

Catching The Moon


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