WINTER 2018-19
Youssef Alaoui Newly Arrived, Dying
Ray McNiece The People In Tomb X
Jessica Loos Until
John Dorsey Free as a Bird
Ian Griffiths Men are Weeping in Cars
Thurston Moore Universe
Tommy Twilite She Prayed to the God of Tom Waits
Jose Faus For Francisco Alarcon
Puma Perl Death Valley Bodega
Steve Luttrell Wooden Shoes
S.A. Griffin They Say
S.A. Griffin These Days
Scott Wannberg Sacred Tongue Seeks Working Language
Chatham Grey Koolaid or Something Like it
Andy Clausen My views on sexual relations involving me at this stage
Jesús Papoleto Meléndez Fair for Fare
Annie Petrie Cold: Bloody as Stones in a Bucket
Cathyann Cusimano Subterranean
Vincent Quatroche Swinging for the Fences in Q-Bop City
Matthew Hupert Botham Jean
Ngoma Hill Why I Don’t Slam
Mike Platsky Deny Everything
Meg Smith The lonely butterflies
Lawrence ‘Larry’ Carradini Attention
Jim D Deuchars Predators
Ptr Kozlowski Juggling Suns
Marta Markoska Coronation
Jenn Lane Shedding Light
Jennifer Juneau One True Thing
Frank Murphy The River
Frank Murphy 1954
Bill Gainer Sausages & Eggs, Toast
William Taylor Jr Until the Ghosts Forget
Howie Faerstein Pura Vida
Ron Lampi Become Water
Karl Roulston Terrance Ford
Bree Abandoned For Pickup A Page
Paul Koniecki Gourd
Neeli Cherkovski The Elders
Ellyn Maybe Fires and Fables
Daniel Yaryan The Last Spar
Jeff Wright Dancing with Fire
Jack Foley For the marvelous, lauded street poet of Telegraph Avenue
Valery Oisteanu Ladies & Gentlemen: The Late Andy Warhol