WINTER 2020-21
Valerie Oisteanu Doomsday epitaph
Angelo Verga In a hotel restaurant in Key Largo
Matthew Hupert 60 year distillation
Bob Quatrone Frank Simone
Tony Gloeggler Opening Day 2020
Meghan Grupposo  When you hold that thing away from yourself you put it closer to me
Meg Smith A man and a guitar
Chatham Grey Corn Pops
Patrick Chewning Not gone enough
Rita B. Rose Nets for bay
Fred Byrnes Better ways to die than from this corona virus
Mike Jurkovic          Walking for Curbside Chinese
Mike Platsky Deny Everything
Pamela Twining Love Warriors
Andy Clausen We will live to dance again
Joey Nicoletti Touch my balls
Joey Nicoletti Today’s earworm
Jose Faus Para morir hay que vivir
Karl Roulston Dots
Anthony C Murphy The church brew
E Penniman James (Untitled)
Ted Jonathan Not Valentine’s day
joe roarty Rush Hour
jim d. deuchars feeling sinking
John G Hall You have already won
John G Hall Benzedrine with Honey
Paul Blackburn 2020
Constantin Pricop Memory
Mark Borczon The lessons on highway crosses
Mark Borczon (Untitled)
Matthew Borczon Happiness
Vincent Quatroche Wrong number
Chuck Joy Billy Collins is my Dad
Shawn Pavey Mayfly on the glass door of my studio by the glow of an outdoor bulb
Shawn Pavey Birds and poems
Ray McNiece Things to do during a quarantine
John Burroughs Odd Missive
Annie Sauter Painting the bathroom – drunk-struction
Puma Perl Trios
jck hnry A voice for silent movies
Ellen Maybe Such sad things
Chris Vannoy Neruda Revisited
Jack Foley To Jake Berry, after his poem ‘Transfiguration Day’
Neeli Cherkovski What we will do
Jack Hirschman The Normed Arcane
PLUS: Three poems by Reyes Cardenas